IACC Full Committee Meeting - July 2013

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Video Podcast Pt 4 (CC)Aired date: 7/9/2013 9:00:00 AM Eastern Time

Really interesting information thank you for sharing it is there a way to use the regional variation that you have and the kinds of programs that are being implemented across the country to identify models of excellence. So. If you have different states or jurisdictions within different states doing different things are you able to to attach that to data on successful recovery of missing children and successful recovery of missing children with special needs. Going to aspen do we I don't think we have any I've never seen data that gets into really assessing the quality of the different amber systems I don't know that you know I don't believe we had we don't actually keep that data about as mom assures all copies of each state run some a little bit different criterias are different but I can say is probably when we want from the missing children's outside of the house poly vis mostly a successful program we've seen of finding these children ...

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