How to Box Video #022 - 'Uppercut Hook' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

"Uppercut, hook" is one of my absolute favourite techniques. I love the feeling you get from being able to finish one punch technique (in this case the right uppercut) and being in the exact "wound up" position to throw the next punch (the left hook). I love it because they simply just flow into one another and the amount of power you can generate is fantastic.I demonstrate 2 examples of this in the video, but the best way to implement it by far (in my opinion), is the longer range version. If you can lure in your victim, making him/her think they have the upper hand, then bang, bang, (right uppercut, left hook). The power of the punches together, coupled with the forward momentum of your opponent, leads to a cracking little technique that can floor most people in the perfect situation.That's what makes me passionate about boxing, it really is "The Sweet Science". It is about using your brain and attributes to outwit your opponents, both physically and mentally. It's a "full contact" game of chess, setting traps, being able to react and respond to your opponents different tactics.So give this one a go in sparring (lightly). This also goes for any technique, try and draw your opponents onto your punches, it's a hard skill to perfect, but it's never too early to start trying.If you forward to the 1 minute mark on the video below, you can see me executing the Uppercut, Left Hook. Remember, the advantage with this technique is that if you miss with the Uppercut, you can still catch them with the Hook.

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