How to Box Video #012 - 'Punchbag Combinations 1' (Bag Combos) - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

More information at This is just one of 4 punch bag combinations I will be posting over the next few weeks. It is a simple, but effective technique which is great to practise on the bag, the pads, and to use in sparring. Punch bags can be used in a variety of ways for training. They can be used for speed and conditioning training (non-stop punching). They can also be used for power training - hard hitting sessions building up the power in your shots, and also in technique training as I am showing here. If you are training techniques on a bag, make sure you are training a combination that will actually work. Sometimes it can be easy to throw a flurry of punches without actually considering using the same attack against a live opponent . You need to think about their body movements and positioning to help get the most out of your bag training. In this demo I use the double jab, and then slip an imaginary left jab counter from my opponent. I then follow up with a right cross , slip and drop to my left and finish with a left body hook. The purpose of practising combinations is to:1. Get comfortable with the movement.2. Check your body positioning and make alterations until you feel balanced and your movements are fluid.3. Work out how to get the most power into your techniques and how to distribute your weight to achieve this.4. Once you have mastered stages 1-3 above, it is all about repetition and adding that combination to your fighting arsenal. Practising repeatedly helps to ensure the techniques become second nature, so you can use them with no thought at all. These automatic skill sets mean you leave your mind free to concentrate on the task in hand - winning!

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