How to Box Video #008 - 'Left Hook to the Body' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

When the timing and the power are correct, and the targeting is perfect, the "left hook to the body" is an awesome shot and can instantly drop an opponent. During my professional career, I absolutely loved using the body hooks. As I have said in previous posts, if you can destroy the body, the head will topple. By hurting an opponent down low with body hooks, they tend to lower their elbows to stop the punishing blows, which in turn, gives you a new target….the head. It is important to set up the left body hook correctly. I like to slip to the left, (whilst avoiding a right cross) transfer my weight to the front foot and slightly bend my knees. I also turn my body, simultaneously, whilst slipping (imagine twisting your right shoulder to where your left shoulder position originally was). If you have followed the above correctly, you should now be in what I like to call,"the coiled spring position". Now drive up from the floor whilst twisting your body back clockwise and powering the hook into your opponents body. Keep your right hand up in the guard position at all times during this technique. This is a great move to try out on the bag, see how much power you can create. Remember, if you are sparring, to keep the power down on this technique, or you might run out of sparring partners!!

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