How to Box - Boxing Tips (4 to 6)

published 6 years ago by Sneak Punch

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Okay guys this week a one year practice what we call the sleep footage. That one okay so basically the sequence yes slips the left and the the job harm comes up to which I get what we call upside down Jack. Slipped and hit. Slipped and hit. Okay. Job. Slick Kamal with her but left Jeff Jeff sacoche job slipped and hit. Okay may come back with a right cross blank slate bond straight just finished up about right how. Okay guy throws all affect the guy throws a right cross. Slipping he's a southpaw you cool with that shot nice princess of strip it. Okay explosion off the dock because it's. Push people to expect. Okay so if you slip a good expects to have the body you come back with a head shot. The sequence. Okay so packed disarmed by the scoop so nice when the truth is not how shocked not to Polish up to do each district new combat ...

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