How to Box Video #018 - 'Punch Bag Combinations 3' (Bag Combos) - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

Another 'Punch Bag Combination' video for you to try out at home or down the gym. There are literally thousands of different combinations you can try out on a punch bag. The important thing about bag training is to make the combinations as close to real fight situations as possible. In this video I show a specific combo that I've used many times, with great success in the ring. When you are in close to your opponent, take a step back to give yourself room and throw the right hook to the body, then immediately fire off a left hook to the head. The aim of this combination is to confuse, hit low then hit high or downstairs then upstairs as we would say. The body shot draws the arms down of your opponent as he/she tries to block. This very often makes them drop their right side guard slightly, enabling you to sneak in a powerful left hook. Make sure you throw the punches as quick as you can. Why not give this a go on the punchbag and then see if you can make it work when you are sparring.

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