EPISODE 12 - Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders 2006 - Tailgate Party

published 14 years ago by Raider Greg

Episode #12 Recorded 11/12/06 at Oakland Coliseum during the pregame tailgate party. Raider Greg, host of Raider Nation Videocast and Raider Nation Podcast, mingles with fellow Raiders fans. "Crusader Raider" Keith Smith is here on his annual crusade from London to Oakland, along with his buddy Big Dave Chapman and Dave's brother Richard. Tommy "The New York Raider" made the trip from NY. Tommy won game tickets that were donated by Raider Rick, and Tommy was this weeks winner. He brought his friend, also named Tommy (who is a NY Jets fan) to the game. Young Raiders fan Jonah, Raider Rick's son, gives his prediction on today's game. We even welcomed Michael and Mary, Denver Broncos fans, to our tailgate party. Raider Greg's wife Charmaine "The Charmaniac" says hello. Also Raider Greg's son James chimes in. We strolled the Coliseum parking lot and ran into Mark, an old southern California friend of Raider Greg's. During our stroll, we went by the "Black Hole" tailgate party and witnesses the baptism by beer of a new member of the Black Hole. Filmed 11/12/06 at Oakland Coliseum Running Time: 11:15

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