Erica Nicole - I'm Making Mine

published 5 years ago by Lance Yelvington Jr.

Erica Nicole is having a great 2015. She's the first female independent artist to have 3 consecutive top 20 records on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. She is making history and living the dream. In this CyberCountry Minute Erica talks to Lance Yelvington about building a career, building a house and making her country music dream reality.

I am I am showing him for cyber country anyone who's ever heard Erica Nicole take the stage know that she holds up the back and she gives you everything but she also is making history. In this our country minute she took time out of her busy schedule to meet us near her home in leapers fork to tell us about what's next and also about how she's making history I am Erica call born and raised out of Atlanta Georgia but Jack calling lever sport Tennessee at home now. Looks pretty nice media kit BB like this it yeah americana it is absolutely beautiful and I'm just so plastic call this home actually my house is just about a mile down the road that way so very excited to be here. Doing some. Let me ask you would do is the main thing that you've got going on right now name which your your release. Future release look like at this point well right now I'm still on a high from a my single I make in mind hitting topped ...

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