Charlie Daniels: Off The Grid

published 7 years ago by Lance Yelvington Jr.

I'm Lance Yelvington for CyberCountry. Charlie Daniels is an American music icon known for being original and making some great music. In this CyberCountry Minute Charlie talks to Lance about Bob Dylan, his new music project, 'Off The Grid' and why being original produces some great results!

I'm Wade Shelton for cyber country. Charlie Daniels is a southern rock country music legend known for its original thinking and great music in the cyber countrymen at Charlie's going to talk about Bob Dylan his latest CD project off the grid and why doing something really unique can turn into some great music. Well first of all I'm a big fan about don't have been for a long time . I have great admiration for. You change things he changed me. Pick change place proper means. States but. We are so different. he was before the bagels hips before Mostyn the it people would consider to be the heavy duty innovators. Came along and did it his way. One how people really liked it. I have. Worked on 3 Bob Dylan's album back in the early days I would tell the national skyline is self portrait new morning. And a. I just had a great and ...

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