EPISODE 102: Bears @ Raiders Preseason 2013

published 6 years ago by Raider Greg

Pregame tailgating fun in the Oakland Coliseum parking lot. Raiders and Bears fans enjoying the afternoon sun prior to this preseason matchup. Also, Raider mom Mary Garcia sends her love to her son Nicholas Garcia, who just joined the US Navy yesterday. Raider Nation Videocast - Episode #102 Friday August 23, 2013 Oakland, California Raider Nation Podcast host Raider Greg www.raidernationpodcast.com

I . Raider nation we are here in front of check in favor don't ask me why but it's in the call parking lot with 2 great raider fans they listen to our show Julia was Subrata tell me what's happenin. This is some bones and. Now that the momentum hidden hidden kittens. Take it all the way this year so prior at the go might come up I know because you do better in the preseason Buddah open hoping that big a little bit better. I think here you give mother chats 3 guys from Modesto this little an answer though yeah ma'am represent big time right here the calls him can't beat it when you think about reading the engineer red is number one Verstappen line. All those people who are like and I don't ...

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