How to Box Video #013 - 'Left Hook' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

When I was boxing professionally, the left hook was one of my favourite techniques. Early on in my pro career, I achieved many knockouts by using the left hook, When I was training in USA, the Americans liked to call it "shutting the door" which I think is a very apt. description. I have explained 2 different ways that I like to hook on the video. The long hook, which is very nice to mix up with the jab as it enables you to attack at an angle that your opponent is not expecting. It is also great to fire out after slipping one of their right crosses. The second is the short hook, which is used when fight on the inside and is also the knock out power shot I was referring to earlier. For the short hook transfer your weight to the front leg and slightly bend your knees. From this position, simultaneously drive up from the floor (using your legs). Pull back the right hand to protect the right side of your face and whip the left hook through, whilst slightly leaning back to add more power. Try both of these hooks out on the bag and see how much power you can generate. Play around with the horizontal fist on impact and the vertical fist to find out which one you find more comfortable to use. Next week I will be demonstrating the right hook for you.

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