IACC Full Committee Meeting - January 2016

published 4 years ago by NIH

Video Podcast (CC) Part 2Aired date: 1/12/2016 8:45:00 AM Eastern Time

Our next section as we know is the public art comment period. . And so we have 9 speakers lined up I think I would introduce the segment today are with the comment that we've discussed this morning that our resources are scarce we have many needs and services and research are another scarce resource is time this committee's time is very valuable and we are couldn't you know we can't gather even as much as we might like but still 4 times a year is generous by on many of our schedules so I'd just like to say to all our presenters we're so sorry we only have 3 minutes apiece to fit everybody M. but that's because of the time is precious we also want to hear a summary of the written comments that we think is important Mister Robinson introduce that last time and we're sharing the opportunity and I think Shannon he works is going to do that today I and we want to have time for the committee to respond because an important part of your comments I is in fact the opportunity to hear the committee's thoughts about ...

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