[Sample Clip] Padwork Demo - from FightYourselfFit.com

published 5 years ago by Sneak Punch

# This is a clip from the 'Padwork Demo' that comes as a Bonus video from 'The Ultimate 60-Day Punch Bag Workout!'  - 

This 1 is going to be and motive look as good a movie Fieger step around your opponent Hugo 1234 slip keeping a shoulder down body shots hook then cross. Okay a game so 1234. Slash hit hit on a cross. Okay could we have done this is on the ropes you can do it in the middle of the ring throughout professor working he worked the opponent only. On the ropes so. Steve comes in. So which is too slow one step around 1.that Michael's. Slip around their practice this guy's. Go. Brown. Look at it one more go. Donald. No we do the self well one. Nick shook his slick round okay this god Siegel. People around but books. Okay ...

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