How to Box Video #020 - 'Right Uppercut' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

It's all about the right upper cut in this video. In this demonstration, I show 2 variations of the right uppercut. The close uppercut, for when you are up close to your opponent, and the long uppercut, that you can use from a longer range. Uppercuts are a great punch, as you can generate lots of power in them and you can start to throw them at your opponent just beyond their field of vision. The short uppercut is used to drive up through the guard of an opponent. Aiming for the underside of the chin, you are trying to whip your opponents head back. When the head gets whipped back, this causes confusion, and this is the time to start following up with more punches - hooks, straights etc. The long uppercut is a harder technique and if timed correctly can be a great knockout punch. To get as much knockout power into your punch as possible, you need to encourage the opponent moving towards you. Combine the momentum of your opponent advancing towards you with your punch powering aimed at them, to give you the perfect recipe for a knockout shot. This advice is perfect for all punches, if you can draw people onto your punches, they will always be harder and this is one of the great skills of boxing. More at

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