published 4 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

God doesn't want to pay you back. He wants to bring you back.

Yeah we kicked off this new series last week and look at all these these these these stories famous stores a lot of us learn this as kids are a lot of reasons that we're doing this one is because your kids know more about the Bible and you guys so we want to set you up well but but would rather look at the stories listen I I and again who taught us last week so many don't believe their true you know like they're they're an allegory or you know there's a moral story but I I actually believe these these are our true but you know we look some stuff last week David and Goliath and then this week here you're gonna hear stuff in the stories and and your reactions will go that's. There's just no way that could be it could happen I don't understand how that could be true and so again you gotta push through that okay I I believe that that the stories are true for several reasons one is. Jesus believed they were true. Jesus quoted from the stories he compared himself to the store they were talking about so it's hard to believe Jesus say I'm kinda like a fictional story Sosa Jesus believe there to the others I believe these are true because just just do the math on this if there is a god in it if you don't leave is a god then did. Can become a hard time to get there ...

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