Good Father

published 3 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

Much of our lives are marked by a distinct sense of separation from our Creator. We might believe that He exists, but it feels like He is distant or like there is something in the way. What we need is someone to remove the wall, to take us where we could not go on our own. In this series we will explore some of the most significant things we find when Jesus takes us "behind the curtain" that separates us from living in a relationship with our Creator.

What's up I'm sorry. Are we ready. To stop and say a prayer for von Miller and demarcus ware right now the baby fleet of foot some of you like yeah let's go right now it's. Right. They prefer Peyton's arm neck everything you know all that kind of stuff lot last night I saw 2 Panthers jerseys in the crowd we made them we made inside the lobby. I. And seen any yet this morning it's pretty much orange crush in here this is the most Christian crowd of all of our services by far. Hannah. Yeah I read I read on long Google yesterday I always like to see what the prediction is for how many chicken wings will be consumed on Superbowl Sunday and now this year the over under is that 1.25 0 and at my house where we're gonna make sure it's the over 5 artists are you chicken wings for breakfast and so. Yeah it's it should be a good day should be good they were kicked off a new series today to and might my son Eli he turned 10 ...

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