EPISODE 104: Eagles @ Raiders - with Crusader Raider from London, England

published 7 years ago by Raider Greg

Raider Greg and Crusader Raider welcome the Philadelphia Eagles fans to the Oakland Coliseum. We gave the Eagles fans about 7 minutes of video time to give their predictions for todays game, and we chat with Raiders fans for the remaining 12 minutes of the video. The Eagles fans observe that the Raiders fans are portrayed unfairly as being dangerous thugs, and say they have not felt threatened a bit in Oakland during any of their visits here. The Eagles ended up on top in this game, but the Raiders will get them next time. A large group of Eagles fans have a tailgate party in Oakland, and we show you the reception they got from Raider Nation. Crusader Raider Keith Smith makes his annual pilgrimage from London, England to Oakland, California to root on his NFL team the Oakland Raiders. Send by royal proclamation by her majesty the Queen, Crusader Raider is here to lead the charge against the Eagles. Keith chats with Eagles fans, then he is pleased to run into two ladies who like him traveled from London for the game. One of them "hasn't a clue" about the rules of NFL football, but she is here to support the Raiders 100% and is having a great time before the game. Deanna chats with Richard, the "Diehard Essex Raider" who traveled to Oakland for this game. He has been meeting up with us for several years when he comes to Oakland to see the team he has been supporting since the early '80s. Deanna and Keith also chat with Rudy, a long time Raiders fan who has only missed one game since 1963! Kingsford Kirk, host of the "Bad Boyz of BBQ" says a few words about the tailgating experience in Oakland. The Oakland Raiders will play the Miami Dolphins in London next year in 2014, and Crusader Raider invites Raider Nation to come to London and support the Raiders. Raider Nation Videocast - Episode #104 www.raidernationvideocast.com Listen to our audio podcast year-round at www.raidernationpodcast.com Call the "Boneline" at 1-800-620-7181 and get on the next show!

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