How to Box Video #023 - 'Two Man Boxing Drills' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

Two man drills are not everybody’s cup of tea, when it comes to boxing training. But I find they can be very useful as a prerequisite to sparring whilst also quickly programming the bodies muscle memory. For students who have not tried sparring before, or students who do not fancy giving sparring a go, I find this is an ideal way to start them off for the following reasons.Getting used to standing in front of an opponent (sounds obvious but this can be intimidating for beginners). Encourages movement of the head.Ingrains movement into muscle memory.Provides a safe way to train without being hit.Gets people used to punches being thrown at them.Gets students used to throwing punches at an opponent.Teaches good defensive techniques.Is ideal as a precursor to sparring.In the video I show 3 basic examples of these boxing drills. These are a good place to start and can be easily updated and built upon. You are able to create your own different scenarios and combinations – but when doing this it is important for you to keep in mind that the drills have to be realistic. Anything too elaborate – that generally would not happen in a fight – is a pointless exercise. The key here is to use the basics and keep it real.Another great way to use these drills is after sparring, for example if you keep getting hit by the same shot and can’t work out why! Go through it with your sparring partner, break it down and work out how to secure that part of your defense for the next time you spar. Ultimately this will make both you and your partner, better boxers in the future.

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