How to Box Video #004 - 'Skipping' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

Skipping is easy, it's just about the practice. For a complete beginner I always think it is best (as described in the video) to start without using the rope and just jump on the spot with your feet together and learn to jump to a rhythm. Once you have that off its time to introduce the rope. It might take a few goes, but you should be up to skipping on the spot with your feet together in no time. Even doing it like this you will get the benefits of the eye to feet coordination, timing and a great calf workout. Make sure you are skipping on the balls of your feet, that you have your feet together and that you are using your wrists and not your whole arm to rotate the rope. Keep your hands close to your sides, a common problem when first learning to skip is your arms slowly getting further away from you body as you skip, this lessens the height of the rope and causes the rope to hit your feet. Disclaimer - Some exercises may not be suitable for everyone. You should consult your doctor before begining any new exercise routine, especially if; - You have any pre-existing conditions - You are taking medications of any kind - You are suffering from an injury or illness or feeling unwell - You are pregnant - You have not exercised in a long while The creators, producers and distributors do not accept responsbility of any injury or accident occurred as a result of following this content.

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