AD #2192 – Genesis Reveals G70 Sedan, Kia Sorento Tests a Diesel, CAMI Workers Go On Strike

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- CAMI Workers Go On Strike - How to Check For Flood Damaged Cars - Kia Sorento Tests a Diesel - Alphabet to Invest $1B in Lyft - Genesis Reveals G70 Sedan - StoreDot Gets Backing From Major Companies

On today's show an Israeli startups as it has a battery pack that can be recharged in 5 minutes genesis introduces a new compact sedan and here's how to check and see if a car was damaged by flooding before you buy all that and more coming right up. Online daily. This is not a line daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry. You're failing to come to an agreement on a new contract workers at GM's Cammy plant in Ontario Canada went on strike late last night Unifor which is the union that represents the workers is trying to avoid more job cuts at the plant. The Chevy equinox is currently the only model made their. It used to produce the GMC terrain but production of that was shifted to Mexico back in July and that we ...

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