Wieland Wagner: One Hundred Years

published 3 years ago by Unknown

This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Wieland Wagner, the composer's grandson, who in 1951 revolutionized the staging of his grandfather's work when he reopened the Bayreuth Festival after World War II with an astonishing production of Parsifal.  His dark style became known as "New Bayreuth."  

Welcome to the Wagner operas podcast. I'm your announcer Brian Carson. And this is the official podcast of WWW.Wagner operas.com now here's the host of the program Vincent Vargas AMNH. Hello everybody and welcome. This year we celebrate the one hundredth anniversary. The birth of the lungs Wagner. Grandson of the composer and the major figure in the development. By road in the post war years. The loan was the son of Siegfried and vinifera Wagner. Here you can see young Vela with his brothers and sisters already in Paris that an early age in Wagner land. After the death of her husband in 1930 vinifera became a huge supporter of Adolf Hitler unlawful ...

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