323: My name is Dave and I am funky.

published 4 years ago by @davidmcclelland @geofftech @willhead

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David to say something in my name is Dave I'm thanking my name is Dave one and only in the beginning god might waste but on the second day make any minus Dave I'm funky. My name is Dave the one and only go wild going around yes I can go out my name is David I'm flunking my name is Dave the one and only. People say on top of the class if you what are you going to kick your **** open a 90 blindly around. Come to Frankie lights a technology called cost for human. Episode 300 and 233 D. printed avatars unexpected swim and do we need another message out. Let's do it the first thing I want to talk about David is your little mini me all yes I do know what eventually brought it with me here as well. Just behind me. Here I am Tokyo 3 this David what are you holding. So I'm holding a ...

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