328 Pt1: We’re having a Frackulous Christmas Special, right?

published 2 years ago by @davidmcclelland @geofftech @willhead

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Maybe we'll save it for the Christmas special well having a fabulous Christmas special right. Welcome to Frank Ellis a technology called cost for humans. Episode 328 part one. Portable CD players returning yet more things to the apple store and I find 7. To stop this now I'm in a very good mood and very excited ask me anything. So you start with follow up yes let's okay so jumping to follow up. Hello first thing. Rumba foot ship touch David. Yes I do it's not available anymore. I know it's not that so I could not find a national. Apparently adobe dumped it last year just before they released this new load of apps when I found that out. All I did try to send it to you as a gift. Mostly you come find on the app store anymore so I went into my phone sulcata stamps yet and it would open up the ...

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