CrossFeed 230: Thanksgiving in May

published 8 years ago by Pastors Dale Critchley and Jim Butler

This week, or rather, 6 months ago (Recorded 11/18/12): Pop Star Priest New York Times CEO and truth Focus on the Family changes direction Polygamy on the rise Conflict among Anglicans, still

This week I'm crossing popstar pre packed them in New York time CEO holds the truth focus on the family change in their town. Polygamous growing in the Episcopal hints that usual are still fighting. Hello everybody walking across features a sneeze I pastor Dale Critchley pastor Sheppard the ridge with the church in north Ridgeville Ohio in this November 18 we're recording this. I'm past Jim Butler techniques with her in church in Dedham Massachusetts any other reason that November 11 hour episode is the sound really screwed up but we had just a fantastic episode it was I think with. Best I ever. All our. You know that all ...

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