Serious Eats Presents 'The Greenmarket: One Farmer's Story'

published 12 years ago by Serious Eats

Last week we began talking about farmers and farmers' markets and the crucial role they play in the food culture (as far as we're concerned, they're heroes). Yesterday we met one of our favorite farmers, Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farm in Roscoe, New York, who grows strawberries and vegetables and sells them at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City. Today, thanks to the good folks who work on behalf of Serious Eats advertiser Pure Kraft Salad Dressings, we are proud to bring you a video portrait of Bishop. It's beautifully shot and edited by our friends at Optic Nerve, and it chronicles both Bishop's story and the story of farmers' markets in general. So thank you, Kraft, thank you, Optic Nerve, and thanks in advance, serious eaters, for taking the time to watch. Related Video: Save the Honeybees

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