325: I love you both too.

published 4 years ago by @davidmcclelland @geofftech @willhead

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You will be so grumpy and tired tomorrow if you don't go to sleep soon so please try okay. Good girls love you both we can hear David levy above 2. Welcome to Frankie less a technology called cost for humans. Episode 300 and. The fire. IOS 10 more data roaming minute. Hope your mom. Anyway hello everyone. But look at multitasking. Holt is known to be a. I'm not a mad juggling you Tim doubling tickets on the end of a baby monitors on I wanna know what they've done the grumpy mood today. Grumpy made. So I think right he's died today parent I lost you 5 has a battery that somehow my fault the fact that you have your notification things wrong is it my fault okay I'm I'm so pleased to pick on was frustrated at that moment and it's not your fault it ...

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