327: Other search engines are available.

published 3 years ago by @davidmcclelland @geofftech @willhead

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Just type any of those terms into favorite search engine my knees Google at the moment others are available. Mmhm welcome to Frankie less a technology called cost for humans episode 327. Twitter verification digital detox. And. Find my friend. Amazing or just where it. That's something you with your image that Jeff. What's that looks. You look you look blue ticked. I'm thinking of having this is a permanent watermark in the bottom. Right hand corner over my videos from now on. Is Mike to actively take last time we spoke you were not politics. And then in between filming and release. You will obliterate where did you get a plea take from Jeff to they send that to you. So it was with great amusement amongst my friends and it was noticed that I I have a blue tick. my friend cut ...

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