S01E09: Our Secret Morning Routine For Peak Performance

published 3 years ago by Greg O

In this Road To Ripped Episode, we dive into the fascination of morning routines. Are they as effective as we’ve been told? What should morning routines include? Do we have any? You'll learn that and more in this episode... Get more Road To Ripped at

Hope everyone welcome back to the road to rip. My name is. We are the hosts. If not subscriber ready. You do a. Yeah subscribe in iTunes. Still drive you don't want to miss we got some really cool. An out. So you know I mean this. Dresslily the next. For better sex. Everyone's better sex. It's in the next episode so if you're not subscribed you're not gonna. Catch wind of it. Exactly. Windex you don't catch wind. Swing having sex. okay as anyway today we'll be talking about morning routines ...

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