S01E05: The 5 Keys To Optimizing Internal Health

published 4 years ago by Greg O

There's much more to optimizing your health than just looking good. Having a great-looking body is awesome, but not if you're health is suffering... In this episode, you'll discover the core components to having (or reclaiming) optimal internal health. Get more Road To Ripped at

Number one. We're here back again. The road to ripped. Road trip if you say say. Road trip my trip Roger road trip for. Alright so we're we're back with the. On if you're not subscribed already. You do. We waiting for. Describe an I tunes I like talking to me for sex. No I was like simply wouldn't even I'm doing I don't you know my accent. Both of those Yummy Yummy my head first. Yeah we know you subscribe you beat. Part of the party to be part of the road trip to get road to Ritz yet the road trip army. The road trip army had left this we're doing some pot we do not ...

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