(video) How to Start Over After Losing Everything: Flip2Freedom Q & A Corner

published 6 years ago by Sean Terry | Real Estate Investing Mogul

My Answer to Craig Dillion’s Question: Flip2Freedom Q & A Corner Ask a Question and If Yours is Picked, You WIN!!! Here’s how to participate: Ask the one question that you want answered most and then post it below. I will pick one or several questions below and answer them on the next podcast. If Keep Reading » The post (video) How to Start Over After Losing Everything: Flip2Freedom Q & A Corner appeared first on The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast | Flip2Freedom.com.

If they're showing Terry here from foot to freedom.com home of the number one rated real estate investing podcast in iTunes now recently I sent out an email to all my subscribers asking for their burning questions. On the questions that are keeping the keeping them up at night and that they are struggling with that they want to get answered so holy cow this spate completely blew up we get tons and tons of phenomenal questions from people all across the entire country in its regarding wholesaling. if you know a whole ceiling is its whole feeling is where you find the distressed. Seller a get the property under contract booted seller in the contract and then you know find a a buyer a cash buyer that's can use up private money ...

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