S01E08: The Best Way To Build Rock-Hard Muscle Without Gaining Fat

published 3 years ago by Greg O

In this episode, we talk all about the core "tried and true" principles of building muscle. You'll learn how to actually build muscle, the power of progressive overload, how to make progress every week, and which supplements actually help build muscle. Get more Road To Ripped at

Alright what's your one on your listening to the best fitness and health. On the web in. Road to ripped part can. Self. Greg go down. For what. Today we have. Great pop. Cast for you. Have. . We are we talking about the. Building muscle. Adding. Rock hard we might. Out the. Clear because. A lot of what type of muscle building the. Sure you had a you. A lot of size. But usually most bid and that being fat tissue so when you treat it at a rock hard lean muscle without the fat ...

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