Flip2Freedom LIVE WEBINAR!!!

published 2 years ago by Sean Terry | Real Estate Investing Mogul

HERE’S THE DEAL, I’ll be doing a Live Webinar on Tuesday and Thursday of this week! I have taken 4 of our students who have taken everything we teach and put it into action and are achieving amazing success. All 4 are from different markets, backgrounds, and got started in the industry differently and I’m so Keep Reading » The post Flip2Freedom LIVE WEBINAR!!! appeared first on The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast | Flip2Freedom.com.

Okay their son Terry fled to freedom.com and I'd like to ask you a question so you want to get involved in real estate become looking around and you know you too many Ben on forms it kinda looking all around you see this real state stop. But when you see the stories of the successful people in Europe is this for real how can these guys do this is it possible in your wondering how did they do it you know I know when I first got started most of the stories I've liked his HIPAA you can't make that much in a month there's no way. So you know I know that and I know when I first got to head the skeptical feeling because you know out yeah others make a barely $50000 a year to turn around and make people make that a month it was like empire. Civil to me. So what I decided to do is go basically Plock out of earth thousands and thousands of students you know for people that had really Amazing Stories that we could case study for you ...

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