How to Sell a Deal Fast and Make $33K in 24 Hours

published 2 years ago by Sean Terry | Real Estate Investing Mogul

    OK!!! So this is something new and something special. I’m so excited to share this special video with you. A couple weeks ago our team followed around our dispositions manager, Brandon, and we put together a KILLER video of what it is like for a dispositions manager. Not only is this an awesome Keep Reading » The post How to Sell a Deal Fast and Make $33K in 24 Hours appeared first on The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast |

Hey guys I tear your foot to here's the question. How do you sell your properties at lightning speed at beat cop price possible the fastest and easiest way to do it well that is a question we get all locked in what we decide to do is I saw my film crew out with Brandon he's my disposition guy guys goes out and basically sells Oliver properties to are cash buyers in he goes through on a specific deal may actually case study him and it's at that it's a great story about the ideal that we recently are bought and sold real quick and made a huge profit on self now the cool thing is is he is going to be doing a presentation at extreme freedom wife coming up here in October and die and he is going to share the specifics on exactly this step by step exactly what to do not only on how to build a huge email buyer database which is incredibly important get property ...

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