Cavuto: 9/11 reminds us America has still got it

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Americans rush to help

It is hard to believe it has been 16 years but on this artist of numbered anniversaries it is perhaps good but this one comes with the reminder. We still got it litter rolling goodness that is our country's character we still have it. When push comes to shove we still push to help people than simply shove people more inclined to lend a hand then show a finger it's true it's who we are it is what we are whether 16 years ago outside the rubble from a terrorist attack war today outside the flooded streets from a more natural one hardship is hardship grief is grief reaching out is universal they say they will never be another greatest generation I disagree every time I hear that mainly because of all the times I've seen the opposite of that 16 years ago in the the paces of rescue crews who dared to go in to those World Trade Center towers as others were leaving and just last week average folks average folks who dared to go ...

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