AD #2185 – Green Cars to Hit Milestone, Porsche’s U.S. SUV Sales Collapsing, How Land Rover’s Activity Key Works

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Green Car Sales to Top Half Million - Nissan Expects to Double LEAF Sales - EV Credits Running Out for Some - Detroit Plans Autonomous Shuttle Test - Porsche’s U.S. SUV Sales Collapsing - Bosch and MAHLE Dump Turbo Business - How Land Rover’s Activity Key Works

On today's show green cars are going to hit a major milestone this year Porsches SUV sales fall off a cliff and we show you what land Rovers activity key is all about on that mark coming right up. Online daily. This is either lying daily V. show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Sales of hybrids plug in hybrids and battery electric cars are showing strength in the face of a slowdown in the U. S. market so far this year the total market is down nearly 3 percent while sales of green cars are up 3 percent in fact green cars will hit a significant milestone this year because sales will easily top 0.5000000 vehicles. The first time that's ever happened in the American market. When Tesla's model 3 becomes available insignificant ...

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