Session Beers with Jennifer Talley – BeerSmith Podcast #155

published 2 years ago by Brad Smith and Friends

Jennifer Talley joins me to discuss her new book “Session Beers: Brewing for Flavor and Balance”.  Jennifer is a professional brewer with over 20 GABF and World Beer Cup awards. You can find show notes and additional episodes on my blog here.

Jennifer Taylor joins me this week to discuss her new book on session beers this is Beerfest podcast number 100 55 is mere Smith podcast number 100 55 minutes early September 2017 this week Jennifer Tilly joins me to discuss her new book session beers. Thank you this week sponsors craft beer and brewing magazine they're running an amazing deal right now 20 percent off your subscription when you use the code dear Smith 2017. Every issue a craft beer and bring magazine is packed with articles for homebrewers and beer lovers any re my new column called ask the experts there as well. Take advantage of this special deal when using offer code beer Smith 2017 that beer and again that's beer and And also the new brew vision thermometer from Glickman engineering ...

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