Vegas 1992 and Oklahoma 1990- Guest Commentary: Denny Stephenson and Jeff Matiasevich

published 3 years ago by Steve Matthes

Matthes, DBO with Chicken and a VCR rolling a couple of 90's classics.

Everybody that governments classic commentary 1990 to Vegas we're gonna do a few of these. See map is with me Coppola. Across the legends here. First up 1991 0.5 supercuts epidemics he was much ado about what's happened to sit in the nineties dream here into the. Seen in Las Vegas. Never let it go right by candle you'll let me you keep. All the out. So what we are talking. Again it's. Point also to joining me is to to. Join us appreciate it lets us get. There's Bruce. Hall everybody. You know the script I guess she's a ranger. How long. I know Bruce I. I don't just ...

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