Phoenix 2012- Guest Commentary: Jake Weimer

published 3 years ago by Steve Matthes

Matthes, Weimer and a VCR rolling Phoenix 2012.

Walk everybody to another edition of Papa makes classic commentary it's been awhile. We did it but happy to to do it now. The great race. for this particular man is sitting. 12. Phoenix supercross. And I'm sitting here with a monster energy Kawasaki at that time Jake Weimer what's up Jake what's going on about 2012 Phoenix supercross shirt factory rider for monster educause argues the parade lap here you want to heat yeah yeah wanted so this night thurs Tigre sweat on a 450 and first for 50 podium. Well big deal just get where ending that that's okay. So that is not a problem. Phoenix off good there good stadium. I always love grace but we were in a devastating now but. Yeah this chase field school. I ...

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