AD #2183 – Wealthy Buying Fewer New Cars, JLR Develops Future Steering Wheel, AM/FM Radio Faces Grim Future

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- U.S. Sales Nosedive in August - Hyundai Has Supplier Problems in China - JLR’s Steering Wheel Mobility Assistant - Daimler Testing Plug-In Fuel Cell - Mercedes Teases New EQ Concept - New Technology Could Kill Traditional Radio - Corvette Inventory Spikes

And today show up now even rich people are buying fewer new cars jaguar Land Rover creates the steering wheel of the future in all cars have been protecting the radio broadcast business. On that mark Fuhrman. Online daily. This is out of line daily at the shell that covers all aspects. Of the global automotive industry. Sales in the U. S. market took a nose dive last month the sar fell to 16000000 units. Car buyers but 1.47 0 vehicles which is a pretty good number. Except it's a drop of 5.7 percent compared to a year ago. Some automakers really took it on the chin. Hyundai was down 27 percent which is a huge drop off in sales. Nissan FCA Porsche and Daimler also saw ...

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