True Worshipers, Part 1: True Worshipers

published 2 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

We all worship something. A job, team, celebrity, a number in a bank account—what’s truly worthy of your devotion? Join us as we learn what it means to be True Worshipers.

N't thanks for hanging out with us here at life church where we are one church meeting in multiple locations and reaching around the world thinks what god is doing at church online if you ever have any questions or you want to learn more about us as a church you can always check us out online simply by going to or we'd love you to stay connected throughout your weekend everywhere you go with the like church at. Free and available where ever you download your. From. Today's message helps us see and understand that all of us worship something whether it's a person a celebrity a job or maybe been the number in our bank account. But are those things truly worthy of our lifes devotion. Well today our senior pastor Craig Rochelle will help the sea and deeply understand that Christ truly is the only one worthy of giving our lives to add a message were calling. True worshipers. They welcome today to all of our life searches so all of our network churches are church online family ...

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