New, Part 3: New From Old

published 6 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

Transformation is in our DNA. We were created to grow, and the best kind of change leaves a permanent mark on our soul. Let’s learn together what it means to become New.

I grew up in the church but didn't understand what Christianity really was. Timmy church was just a lame reason to dress nice and a place to go on Sunday mornings. It was essentially a check mark on a list of things I didn't want to do. But some friends help me see the truth. It wasn't about rules but about a relationship. This change my outlook. I am. I became new. Well welcome today to call all of you at all of our different life churches and those of you in our network church family you know we love you. They were all honored partner with you of those joining us from all over the world trucks online we believe that it's not an accident that you're here of a future actually supposed to be here and so we welcome you today this is the final week of the series called new I'm going to team to. Were your power ...

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