Words to Live By, Part 1: Words to Live By

published 3 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

Your thoughts can hold you back, push you down, and feed you lies. But they can also lift you up! Is it time for you to change the way you’re thinking? Start with something simple—let’s find some Words to Live By.

Thanks for joining us here at life church where one church meeting in multiple locations and reaching around the world with the help of church online get any questions you'd like to learn more about us as a church you can always check us out online simply by going to life.church and we love you to stay connected throughout your weekend everywhere you go with the all new life church apps available work every year. Let your ads for. You know it's a new year and I'm sure you've got your list of resolutions habit. Schedules that you've made but what if I told you there was one habit that could dramatically change the way you live your life. Give you a divine purpose. Well today our senior pastor Craig Rochelle will show you exactly how to do that in a very special new year's message were calling. Words to live by. They welcome all of our lives and our open network churches are church online family are absolutely with all my heart love this time of the year ...

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