Don’t Stop, Part 2: It Will Happen

published 6 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

The finish line. The goal. What are you working toward? Obstacles and trials will come and go, but one thing can always remain constant on your journey. Keep your eyes on the prize because good things happen when you Don’t Stop.

Everybody welcome to day to all of our life church locations those of you in our network family we love you as well and all over the world on the other side of computer screens at church online you're a big big part of our family owner remind you next week it is Easter weekend and quite honestly more people are willing to go to church on Easter than probably any other weekend of the year I wanna remind you this is the perfect weekend to invite people that aren't following gone internet not normally connected to a local church. Thanks we can we are starting a brand new 4 part messes series called I deserve it relook at 4 different stories in the gospels. See when people actually deserve something bad. Because of the grace of Jesus he gave them something they didn't deserve receive thief on the cross deserve death but Jesus gave him life receive the woman caught in adultery she deserve condemnation. Jesus gave her mercy were gonna see Peter he deserved to be counted out ...

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