Let Us, Part 2: Hold Firmly to What We Believe

published 4 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

The incredible happens when we embrace the things God has Let Us do. Want to know how? Dive into a special mini-series with Pastor Craig—you’ll only find it online, in the Life.Church App, or on the Life.Church podcast.

Thanks for joining us here like church we are one church meeting can multiple locations and reaching around the world with the help of church online get any questions you'd like to learn more about us as a church you can always check us out online. Simply by going to life got church or you can stay connected throughout your weak and everywhere you go with the all new life church apps available today where ever you download your apps from today we continue in our exclusive online mini series or pastor Craig Rachelle will take us back to the book of Hebrews and help us hold firm in what we believe in part 2 of the many series let us. They spread out with us for the life first podcast. If you're a regular listener we don't normally here's the weekend message but we're in a short window a 3 week window we're actually not allowed to show the weekend messages after they're taught in a live environment and so what I'm doing is I'm sharing with you because ...

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