Puzzled, Part 1: Puzzled by Doubt

published 7 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

Making sense of your life can feel like a puzzle. But what if the big picture isn’t turning out how you expected? Find out what to do when you feel Puzzled.

Well I want to welcome everybody out of all of our life you're stuck TV locations those of you at our network churches and of course those you across the globe at church online it is always great to have you as a part of the family my name is Sam Roberts someone of our directional leadership team members here at life church.TV which one of the things about that means that I've been around alone time right. In fact I've been around on staff for 16 years believe it or not now working right alongside crag which enables me to tell you guys something. That's always wondered back when I was attending some 17 years ago and I thought man sees real deal and I'll tell you what I've worked with him for 16 years there's nobody who pursues cut more purely or is a better a Daddy ...

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