Motivation for a Life of Meaning

published 1 year ago by Scottsdale Bible Church

2 Corinthians 4:16-5:21 | Kevin Yule

Good morning to what I'm gonna call the righteous remnants those of you left over here from Labor Day weekend . If you ever question that my or core issue this love for you this time yesterday we were in the cool pines of flagstaff Arizona enjoying 77 degree weather in the cool breeze. We hopped in our car drove down the hill and they're still tens of thousands of cars at 3:00 Saturday afternoon headed up north so thank you guys for being here is a real blessing to be with you guys I'm excited about keys you guys work this morning but before we do that as Neil introduced me I am the pastor of man's in marriage ministry. So the very quick in aus meant to all of you men in the room and to those ...

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