Bad Advice, Part 1: How To Drift From God

published 3 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

“How did I end up here?” Behind every mess of harmful habits and rough relationships, we can look back and see where we got on the wrong track. Let’s untangle our lives by learning how to avoid Bad Advice.

N't are like church one church meeting in multiple locations and reaching around the world through church online if you have any questions or you'd like to learn more about us as a church you can always visit us online simply by going to coming up pastor Craig Rochelle dives into an all new message series. Today we'll see how every temptation. Broken relationship bad influence and neglecting to spend time with god all contribute to losing our fate all that more coming up in part one of the message that advice. Some of you may be thinking why in the world when I go to church for bad advice. Me tell you that there are so many of us that when we look at the way we live and we look at the way we behave it's almost as though we're following bad advice. What I want to do is give some bad advice and when we do it in the context of shorts I believe it's going to be incredibly all ...

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