The Time Is Now, Part 2: Persevering Through Discouragement

published 5 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

No matter how much we want one, there’s no blueprint for a perfect life. Feel like you’ve hit a wall? Don’t be discouraged. Maybe it’s just a part of what God wants to help you rebuild. The Time Is Now to lay the first brick on a new foundation.

Once upon a time there was a man named Solomon who built a mighty tempting. But before long the people of Judah turned away from god and begin to worship forum gone tonight ndeb called allowed the Babylonians to attack cnty. Because. People of Judah remained. God raised up the profit Haggai. To inspire the people to get back to work saying that I. It is an honor to have all of you with us that all of our life. Shoes are network churches and I wanted to speak specifically to our church online family especially those of you in Europe and I know we have hundreds and hundreds every week the join us in France and in Paris and I just wanted to express my love for all of you and I pray that you would understand that your extended ...

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