Relief vs. Restoration

published 4 years ago by Scottsdale Bible Church

Luke 8:40-48 | Rustin Rossello

Mmhm SPC family for years and started his ministry career here first as our college pastor and then becoming the campus pastor of our thriving venue congregation in 2013 press this gift for humor has been the highlight of many SPC videos and winter wonder performances as a pastor his heart is to see people experience restoration and transformation through gods grace please join us in welcoming our venue campus faster. Well it is a blessing to be here welcome to our cactus chapel in venue communities as you join us now via video and for all these watching online thank you so much for joining sits pleasure to have you here Neal and I got a text even last services a pilot who attends here who said Hey I I'm still on Phoenix time but I'm in Tokyo. So I'm 5700 miles away but I'm ...

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