Small Things Big Difference, Part 2: Your Thoughts

published 7 years ago by Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

Major resolutions and huge goals. We want big change and we want it now. But maybe taking life in a new direction has a lot more to do with the little things. Let's learn how to embrace intentionality in Small Things, Big Difference.

Pretty great day but I think I talked to my dad he doesn't ask me out again. He seemed really nice. I'm so glad you called me. I am up for whatever you happen. I don't know why imaging for this job. Everyone Esther looks like they have it all together I'm sure I will get it. I can't wait to interview today. Really believe I have a lot to offer. Even if I don't get this one I'm now got. One dealing here. I don't know anything interesting to say. I just want to go home and get in my sweats. I'm really looking forward to making some new friends. Even though this is out of my comfort sound I'm trusting god to bring some awesome how did this party. Succeeding at the big things has a lot to do with the little things. What's the matter small things big difference ...

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